Friday, September 28, 2007

I stumbled across the most incredible website last month: This site is full of tips on about anything you could think of...mostly tech related, but various other topics as well. For example, today's page features the following content: 1) Ten Great Wines for $10 or Less 2) Use Your Cameraphone as a Visual To-Do List 3) Practical Applications for Dental Floss 4) A Look at Amazon MP3....and that is only a few of millions. Last week I tweeked my iTunes equalizer to the "perfect" setting that I found in an article posted on the site by someone who spent a great deal of time finding the best sounding setting. A friend built his own laser using a Do-It-Yourself guide to what else...building your own laser. Easy to search and always interesting this site will keep you occupied for days on end...enjoy friends!

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